BEAT! + Ust

UST download: Click

Youtube screwed up the audio quality Orz

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When the first love ends

Sad songs period!


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ACT1 update!

ACT 1 update:

A better oto for some sounds + two new rules for the terms of use.

Download: ACT 1 Update

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Baka no nomi Kusuri + UST!

This is my “first” UST, some part may be off and I’m sorry for it =v=. You can download this UST in the link provided for the USTs.

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rain stops, good-bye

I made a oto ini for Twins193’s UTAU, Lloyd Ryune. His voice is much softer now.
A example is in this video:

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Aww I love this song!

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A lot of video

Orz I totally forgot of this blog. I was so busy!
I have a lot of video to show there!

First is 2nd duet of Fran with Lloyd! They’re singing ColorfulxMelody this time!

Then there’s a World’s end Dancehall again with Lloyd, made by me!

Next is by Twins193, but I helped her with video and Illust ~

Last is Clock lock works ver. HetaOni sung by Fran! Enjoy all of them, please! ><

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Name: Wakaine Franco (若い音フランコ)
Nickname: Fran-kun
Age: 13
Hair: black
Eyes: Azure-blue dodger
Height: 4'11" (151 cm)
Birthday: 17th of March
Animals (expecially dogs), sweets, man (yep, he's gay XD)
Cats (Ailurophobia), hentai manga, women.

Languages: Japanese and Italian (sorry, he is REALLY BAD at english! XD)
Voice resource: Dan (my brother!)

For a better voice, set in Project->> Project Property, last box: "B0BR-35C50g-1O35Y20H20"

Wiki: Wakaine Franco on UTAU Wiki
Download ACT1: ACT1 ACT 1 update

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